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How to use this tool

  • Select the type of essay e.g. "General Research paper", "Cause & Effect Essay."
  • Enter your essay topic.
  • Enter the additional instructions as advised on the left for better results.
  • Select the number of words.
  • Click "Generate Essay" and wait 1 minute to get the essay.
  • You can generate again when you are not satisfied with the essay.

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Are you tired of spending hours on the same essay again and again? Is your thesis not flowing as smoothly as you want it to? Do you procrastinate because of excess stress from essay writing? Do you need help with your homework? If you answer yes to any of these questions, we have something to help you.

The new tool - Essay Generator is an online application that can enable users to create excellent essays in no time. This article will tell you more about this automatic essay writer, how to use it, and some of its benefits.   

What is Essay Generator?

An essay generator or essay maker is a tool that helps you create a unique and plagiarism-free essay. You can use this app to write any academic paper (research or term paper) or any other kind of written assignment that requires an essay format. You can use this generator to write essays on different topics and styles.

You can also use it to create book reports, research papers, dissertations, and more. The main advantage of such essay writing tools is that they allow you to spend less time on essay writing. That is because you focus more on editing than creating a full-fledged essay which is much easier. The tool is also accurate and concise, meaning you are only making the piece more informative by editing.

How to Use our Free Essay Generator?

Our essay writer works straightforwardly. You first select the type of essay you want the tool to create from a list. The list contains options such as question/answer, cause and effect essays, research paper, and general or university/college application.

After picking the right style, enter a prompt that is your topic that the tool should handle. The topic should be of a standard length and not too long for the best results. You then click on "Generate" for the generator to produce the essay. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes for your essay. You can redo the process to produce a better copy if the essay does not satisfy you.

Benefits of Our Essay Maker

A good essay is an essential part of every student's academic life. It showcases what you have learned during the semester or year and helps you get better grades. You can use an essay writer online to create your essays quickly and easily and save time you would otherwise spend trying to collect the information and ideas to write a good essay. Some of the benefits of this tool include the following:

High-quality written material – not everyone can create a perfect essay, especially with students' time constraints. One of the top benefits is that the essay writer free online will create high-quality essays for students within a short time. It will help you secure quality grades since the essays are concise and to the point.

Fast turn-around – with our essay generator, you have a fast turn around time. The tool takes minutes to create a complete, accurate, and readable essay. If unsatisfied with the essay, you could still generate another one in a few minutes.

Full-support – with our essay maker for students free, you have full support. Our team is always online 24/7 to help you out with any issues. Reach out anytime you have an issue with the generator, and we will respond promptly.

Essays uniqueness – Try our free essay writer generator tool if you struggle with creating plagiarism-free essays. It creates unique and original essays in a few minutes. With the tool, there is no chance of plagiarism.

Artificial Intelligence generated essays – our free essay writer tool uses AI to create impeccable essays for students. Do not worry about the essay subject or topic; our AI essay writer free will ideally create what you are looking for.


Is there a website that will write my essay for me?

Yes, our free AI essay writer will create the perfect essay that will help you secure good grades. Many companies offer these services, but not all will achieve the desired results. Trust us to create an impressive essay to help you secure the top grade.

How many subjects does the system cover?

Our AI essay maker covers all subjects at all academic levels. Whether you have a literature, biology, or physics essay, our tool will do the job diligently. If you would love to summarize your essays, we have a summarizer tool to do the job for you.

Can I generate an essay if I have no specific title?

Yes, this is possible. You can use the keywords provided for the assignment to generate an essay. You could also use our title generator to develop a catchy title.

Does the tool provide original papers?

Our essay generator produces plagiarism-free papers. The output is 100% unique and original. However, we still have a plagiarism checker on the site that you can use to clear any doubts.

How to write a good essay?

Writing the perfect essay should not be as hard. Follow these easy steps and produce a masterpiece:

  • Analyze the question critically
  • Define your stand in the essay
  • Use reasoning, evidence, and scholarship
  • Organize your essay in a well-structured manner
  • Write clearly
  • Cite evidence and sources

How to shorten an essay?

Shortening an essay is not so hard, but it will require some effort from you. Here are some of the things you can do to shorten one:

  • Remove adjectives and adverbs
  • Delete the word "the" where it seems irrelevant
  • Trim wordy phrases
  • Use shorter words
  • Eliminate conjunctions
  • Use active voice
  • Eliminate the needless transitions

You could also shorten your essay by paraphrasing the entire essay. If you are unable to paraphrase it, you could always use our paraphrasing tool to do that. It will shorten the essay to the required number of words.

Is buying an essay illegal?

Buying an essay is not illegal even though some institutions may think otherwise. Many students struggle with their essays leading to poor grades. Getting professional help them secure good grades and learn at the same time since they now have the right answers.

I have an urgent deadline, can your essay maker help?

Our essay writer online will work on your urgent orders whatever time of the day or night you need it done. It is always available to help you out in a few minutes.

Why do students need to use essay generator?

Creating an essay is not the simplest things. Students need to do lots of research and digging to find the correct and accurate information for the paper. It takes time to create the essay but thanks to the free essay writer, students can do it in a few minutes. Students that have a strict deadline for the essay will also effectively use the essay generator. The best part is that the generator produces authentic, impeccable and high-quality essays.

Is this essay generator free to use?

Yes, our essay maker is free of charge. You do not pay anything to produce impressive essays on any subject.

Will my teacher know that I used your essay maker?

Our AI essay writer free is among the most sophisticated tools in the market. It is quite hard to distinguish whether the essay was written by an essay maker or a real human being. The essay maker produces a direct to the point essay that your teacher will not notice it was produced by AI.

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