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What is a thesis statement?

You may feel slightly overwhelmed when writing a thesis statement for your essay or research paper. After all, a thesis statement is an essential part of your essay. It is the first point of contact for your reader. It is also what your reader will remember most once they finish reading the entire piece. A thesis statement can make or break an essay. The statement is a one-sentence summary of your essay that indicates the direction of your argument and helps readers understand what role your chosen topic plays in your final analysis of the subject matter.

In essence, a thesis statement acts as a compass that guides you while writing an academic paper, ensuring that you remain focused on the main idea. We understand how confusing it can be to come up with something so targeted and concise - which is why we have built this useful generator to assist you. If you need help with an appropriate and convincing thesis statement for any given assignment, use our online homework help to get a good thesis statement.

How to Use Our Thesis Generator

Our thesis statement generator is seamless to use and very efficient. First, you will be asked for important information, which you must fill correctly. The crucial questions will include the following:

  • What is your key idea/subject matter?
  • Your idea/subject matter is correct because…
  • Are there any objections or limitations to your reasoning?
  • Can you confirm your thesis with a known fact or some statistics?

After answering these questions in the boxes provided, you will click on "Generate thesis statement" for the tool to create reliable, accurate, and relevant thesis statement suggestions. Do not use full stops, periods, or capital letters in the answer section. Avoid punctuation marks when answering. From the powerful and unique suggestions provided, you can select one that best fits your thesis.

What Should You Have Before Using the Statement Generator?

Before you use our online thesis statement generator, ensure you have all the elements to help you write a strong thesis statement. These include:

Your topic: The first step to writing an excellent thesis statement is to choose an appropriate topic to write about. A good topic means you will create a great essay, and the thesis generator will know what you want the article about.

Main conclusion: Before generating a thesis statement with our tool, you must have your conclusion. Know how your paper will end and on which side it stands.

Strong arguments: You should have evidence and facts that are strong enough to support your conclusion and views. 

Arguments against: You should also be equipped with arguments against for your side to hold. You need to debunk the other side of the fence and show why your side is better than the opposite.

Main Types of Thesis Statements

While there are no hard and fast rules for differentiating between thesis statements, many academics still refer to the types of thesis statements used in the past. There are four main types of thesis statements according to the kind of essay you want to write. They may include:

Informative speech statement generator – this type of thesis statement summarizes all the significant findings of the essay and the topic. The statement is complete and should give the reader a clear view of the informative essay.

Argumentative thesis statement generator – this title generator will create the best argumentative essay thesis statement. A tremendous argumentative statement must bring out the best of which side the essay is on. The generator will create a debatable thesis on which people can have different opinions.

Cause and effect thesis statement generator – a thesis statement that tells the reader what could be the leading cause and effect of an event or condition. Creating such an essay statement is not easy; thus, our tool can be very convenient here.

Compare and contrast thesis statement generator – the compare and contrast essay looks at the differences and similarities between two things, ideas, or people. Our statement generator will easily create the perfect compare and contrast statement.

Components of a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a one-sentence summary of your essay that indicates the direction of your argument and helps readers understand what role your chosen topic plays in your final analysis of the subject matter. In essence, a thesis statement acts as a compass that guides you while writing an academic paper, ensuring that you remain focused on the main idea. The following are some of the critical components of a good thesis statement:

Topic: One of the first steps when creating a thesis statement is to select a topic relevant to your chosen field of study. That could either be history, sociology, psychology, etc. Writing on a topic outside your academic field is not recommended as you won't be knowledgeable enough to discuss it properly.

Angle: the other component of your thesis statement should be your idea. It is technically your claim or insight on the topic. By stating your stand on the topic, the reader will easily know how the essay will flow. They will then critically look at the essay and try to understand every side of the divide. As you explain your angle, ensure you have sufficient evidence and examples to back it up.

Thesis Statement Examples

Now that you have learned what goes into creating a thesis statement, let's take a look at some thesis statement examples. These examples will help you understand what makes a strong thesis statement and will also help you to identify which type of thesis statement is perfect for your essay.

An example of an argumentative thesis statement is, "The American healthcare system has failed thousands of families by not providing adequate support for families facing health crises." This example is a criticism-based thesis statement. This thesis statement is centered on critiquing the American healthcare system. Using this example, you can identify that this thesis statement is directed towards criticism because it is critiquing the healthcare system.

Another example of a thesis statement on the informative thesis statement is "Neanderthals were the first group of humans to master the art of hunting with weapons." This example is an informative-based thesis statement as it provides more information on the Neanderthals.

Here is a compare and contrast thesis statement, "what are the differences between high school and college." This thesis statement looks at the difference between college and high school.    

Wrapping Up

To successfully create a thesis statement, you must first write your paper and then decide on the main idea it is trying to explore. Only then can you make a thesis statement that is concise, relevant, and truly represents your paper. There are many different types of thesis statements that you can create while writing an essay, but they all follow the same basic structure.

However, if you cannot do it, use our thesis statement generator for your essay. The best part about this is that we will even help you complete the essay if you are unable to after creating the thesis statement. We also have other impressive tools in our site such as the words to pages converter.