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What is a debate?

A debate is a contest of argument where two sides present their reasoning and try to get the other side to concede. A formal argument, debate, or discussion is an attempt at resolving an issue, resolving differences between persons, or solving a problem, by considering propositions put forward by opposing parties, according to a rule of procedure.

A debate is usually a verbal discussion between two people or a small group about a particular issue. A debate can be held for various reasons, including educating people about a particular issue, helping people decide which side of an issue they agree with, or exploring the merits and flaws of different sides of an issue.

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Funny Debate Topics   

  • Will robots take over the world?
  • Should pizza be a vegetable?
  • What is the optimal number of bathrooms in a house?
  • Summer is better than winter.
  • Is the client really always right?
  • Do men gossip more than women?
  • Making Tiktok improves grades
  • More fun research topics.

Controversial debate topics

  • Do extreme sports have a place in culture?
  • Is there any value to religion?
  • Should we be allowed to clone humans?
  • Testing on animals should be banned
  • Prisoners should be allowed to vote
  • Is violent inherent to humans?
  • Depression is the side effect of civilization

Political debate topics

  • Should the U.S. implement a universal healthcare system?
  • Should the U.S. increase or decrease immigration?
  • Is the death penalty justified?
  • Should churches and religious institutions pay taxes?
  • Monarchy should end worldwide
  • Feminism is causing more harm than good
  • What should be the punishment for illegal immigrants?

Funny argument topics

  • Do cats make better pets than dogs?
  • Are humans too dependent on technology?
  • Can hipsters save the world?
  • Age does not matter in a romantic relationship
  • Reality TV is harmful to society
  • Women are more complicated than men
  • Are school uniforms even necessary? More funny argument topics

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