Use this Online Speech Generator to Help You Quickly Create a Good Speech

How to use this tool

  • Select what you would like. To generate free speech topics or free speech content.
  • Select the type of speech e.g. "Explanatory", "Motivational".
  • Enter your speech topic.
  • Enter the additional instructions for better results.
  • Click "Generate Speech" and wait 1 minute to get the speech.
  • You can generate again when you are not satisfied with the speech or the topics.

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How Does Our Speech Creator Work?

You can use our tool to find a good topic and generate a good speech. To find a good speech topic, you need to enter the keyword, and the tool will generate the necessary topics related to your keywords.

To generate speech essays, enter your prompt, and the tool will generate a speech essay. After the tool has generated the speech, you don't have to download the speech; you copy and paste it into the documents and make the necessary edits to suit what you were looking for.

You can also hire our speech homework helpers to help you craft a great speech that will move your audience.

Benefits of Using Our Speech Maker

Our online speech generator has several advantages. They include:

  • Quick document turnaround. Unlike handwritten speech, which takes much time to complete, our speech generator provides you with a speech within a short period.
  • Guarantee speech quality. Our speech maker guarantees accuracy and quality in the generated text content. Our tool examines many human speeches to understand the meaning of words and human communication to determine the correct response.
  • Increased Scalability and Flexibility. Our speech generator is versatile and caters for multiple uses. Whether you want a business presentation or a graduation speech, you can get a customized speech from our speech creator.
  • Eradicate workflow inefficiencies. Speech-making is labor-intensive and time-consuming. You can use our speech maker to simplify and streamline your workflow, including brainstorming ideas for your research project.
  • It is 100% free. You don't have to register or subscribe to any plan to use our speech generator.

What Makes a Good Speech

The following are the major components of a good speech:

  • It should be concise. You should not take much time with lengthy introductions and irrelevant details.
  • It should be clear. Your speech should be easy for the audience to comprehend and understand. So, avoid complex terms and pick the right delivery style.
  • Avoid bias. Your speech should be objective. Avoid being over-emotional, base your opinions on facts, and avoid biased opinions.
  • It should be relevant. Your speech topic should be perfectly relevant and interesting to your audience. Avoid much information that does not relate to the main topic.

Good Speech Examples

How to Choose a Good Speech Topic

  • Specify Your Goals. Establish the occasion and the message you want to convey to your audience.
  • Assess Your Audience. Research your audience's knowledge, interests, needs, and background.
  • Think of What You Can Offer Your Audience. Avoid shortlisted topics which you are not passionate about. And then ensure you have enough resources and knowledge on the topic you have chosen.

Random Speech Topics

    Informative Speech Topics

    • Evolution of the human species
    • Are male victims of domestic violence as well?
    • Should gay couples be allowed to adopt?
    • A guide for creating a strong profile on LinkedIn
    • The drawbacks of vegan diets

    Persuasive Speech Topics

    • Foreign labor slows down the economy
    • Voting rights should not be universal
    • Google is the death of libraries
    • Government should regulate internet usage
    • Fashion is an important part of society

    Informative vs Persuasive Speeches

    An informative speech is a speech where the speaker is a professional and intends to transfer their knowledge or inform the audience about a specific topic. In a persuasive speech, the speaker aims to persuade the listeners to change their point of view.,

    • An informative speech aims to deliver new information, while a persuasive speech aims to convince the audience to believe or do something specific.
    • The informative speech presents facts and information to the audience, while the persuasive speech is based on logic and emotions.
    • Informative speech does not rely on emotions to motivate the audience, but emotions are highly applicable in persuasive speeches.
    • In an informative speech, the speaker acts as a teacher, while in persuasive speeches, the speaker is the leader.

    No matter the type of speech you are writing, you must identify the purpose and maintain the focus. For informative speeches, you should remain objective and unbiased and present facts only. In a persuasive speech, you aim to persuade the audience to agree with your opinion. Use our speech generator to craft speech in any category.

    Our words to time tool will help you estimate the time it will take to deliver your speech.